Stop putting yourself last

Women are Nurturers by Nature
Get the guilt-free self care you deserve!

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Stop wearing all the hats with us!


Base Hair Color Experience

Sit back in our relaxing salon atmosphere as your vision is realized within a one hour window of luxurious transformation.


Toner Experience

A 15-minute toner invites you on a journey of relaxation and renewal. You’ll step into a calming and elevating atmosphere, perfect for recharging your senses.


Eye Pillow Treatment

This indulgent session is designed to soothe your spirit with expertly crafted ingredients that enhances your well-being.


Scalp Massage

Scalp massage is a relaxing, therapeutic ritual that anyone can engage in. The luxurious experience of a scalp massage is much more than just a spa treatment; it’s an opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself through the meditative practice of being fully present with sensorial hues.


Hydrating Hair Treatment

Pamper yourself with a hydrating hair treatment! With just one treatment, you can revive your hair’s natural luster and feel. Proteins, vitamins, and herbal extracts help keep your hair moisturized and healthy while protecting it from daily heat styling damage.


Haircut, Blowout and Style

Treating yourself doesn’t just have to mean making sure your hair is up-to-date on trends either – it can also be personalizing your style in a way that only you can express; allowing your unique beauty to shine through. Plus, who doesn’t love walking away feeling refreshed and looking fabulous?


Your Choice of 2:

Paraffin Treatment, Mini Facial or Eyebrow Waxing

Your self-care doesn’t end up here. Choose two additional treatments from the list above to enhance your experience.

Want to recharge your life?

This Self-Care Package is for…

It's easy to confuse self-care with selfish behavior.

Invest in selfcare.
Change your life.

This mindset, makes you feel guilty. 6 positive side effects of self-care:

Become a better parent

Boost your energy; you will be a more effective parent. You’re will have more patience with your kids, giving them more attention and being more engaged.

Become a better partner

Cultivate positive behaviors that extend into other parts of your life and your relationship.

Improve your confidence

When you look good; you feel good.

Earn Money

Accomplish more & be more productive when your own needs are taking care of. Elevating your confidence will help you to go for what you really want.

Improve Mental Health

Sharpen your mental and physical health through better self-esteem, stress management, and overall well-being.

Enjoy more life

Decrease your stress levels, get better sleep, and reduce your anxiety.


The reason women are caregivers is that we have been raised to be that way. We have been socialized to believe we are responsible for the entire world.

Most women have been raised to put others first. We were taught that it is our responsibility to take care of others, regardless of our own needs

Self-compassion is a practice that every woman should be working on. Self Compassion helps to reduce negative thoughts and feelings. It helps you to care for yourself in a way that feels guilt-free; thus allowing you to show up better for the others in your life.

"There’s a lot of invisible labour that the female role is doing that the rest of the household enjoys.”


Regular selfcare contributes to better mental wellbeing

Unfortunately, it appears that not everyone is taking advantage of this fact: in a recent survey, an alarming 26.7% of women reported that they only address their self-care needs when something is wrong – essentially, engaging with it out of necessity rather than to prevent any issues from arising in the first place.

We owe it to ourselves to be proactive in taking care of our physical and mental health, address discomfort early on and make sure we properly prioritize our needs. The path towards a healthier life begins with incorporating self-care into our normal routine without fail; consider choosing one activity a day that you believe is beneficial for your wellbeing and make sure it’s a part of your daily practice!

The importance of self-care should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to our mental health. However, it can come with a hefty price tag – one that 50% of women simply cannot afford. While some may assume that pampering is a luxury reserved for those well off enough to afford it, it is sadly quite the opposite; considering self-care should be an aspect of lifestyle that is accessible to us all. The financial barrier blocking many people from accessing self-care harms more than just our wallets – if we choose to forgo such essential practices we could be risking our mental and emotional wellbeing in the long run.

At a time when the importance of self care has been greater than ever before, 23.3% of women surveyed have found themselves unable to access it due to time constraints. Despite all evidence pointing towards the essential part self-care play in our lives, many face obstacles preventing them from practicing it, leaving them with little choice other than to neglect their own wellbeing. 

See what some of our clients are saying

Being a self-employed single-mom, I have always had the guilt about visiting the salon. This package is not only allowed me to take care of my basic needs but also allowed me to get a some much needed "bonus" pampering that I would never do for myself. I cannot remember the last time I felt so great!
Kayla T.
I'm always so on the go! The salon was very accommodating and I was able to work from my laptop while my hair was being done. I literally have no more excuses when it comes to not enough "me time".
Terry K.
Life is so expensive with kids these days. At the end of the month, there really never seems to be much left over. This package was such an insane value that I not only got my hair done, but actually got pampered. I left feeling more energized than the 6 cups of coffee I drink each day ever makes me feel 10 out of 10. I will make selfcare a commitment after this.
Kristy V.
Being a real-estate agent, my schedule is hectic. I have NEVER had a stylist do a blonde on my hair and actually offer me options to keep up this look within my budget and my crazy lifestyle. I love how they offer customized hair maintenance and home care.
Alicia L.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can i get with my colour? can i get highlights?

Yes!!! We have set this up so you can do whatever you want within the time slot.

This can be used for highlights, balayage, toner or any creative color. Just let us know your thoughts when booking so we can break the appointment into the correct time slots

Can i break up my package?

All items must be used in one visit so we can really pamper you.

How long is the self-care package good for?

The package is valid for 60 days from purchase date. If your package “expires” it becomes a service credit for the dollar amount paid.

Can I buy more than 1 package?

The package is only valid per 1 person. You can buy additional and give it as a “gift”.

Is this only for new clients?

No, we want you to experience this self-care package again and again. Whether you have been in before or not.

Ready to experience the luxurious self-care you deserve?

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