I am a small business owner & want to learn more

When you by from a small business you are putting a child in swimming lessons; taking them to Disney and ensuring that there is always a healthy meal on their table.

You are inspiring a person to reach for their dreams and ensuring that money stays within the local community.

Beauty & Babes is committed to supporting local and that is why we have committed to #ShopLocalBabes. Our vision is to bring 100’s of small businesses through our door so that we can continue to inspire and also offer you; our guest the best possible experience within our doors.

For years we have always envisioned our space to be collaborative; bringing in new products and resources for you to make your visit the most it can be. We want to inspire you to try things you have never done before and that is why we are collaborating with so many wonderful people to bring you not only the best appointment but to be able to give you more resources & workshops.

Our commitment to #ShopLocalBabes goes so deep that you will see us phasing out many big box brands and building our local makers into our repertoire of services.

All makers are brought on through a vetting process to ensure that their products and goods are safe for your skin & hair.

We can be the change. Lets bring our small communities together & stand strong!