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Leave the salon feeling more confident your hair is safe after colouring.

Protect your hair against damage & fading with Bond Builders

Bond Builder

The chemical process of colouring hair can cause bonds to become weaker and more brittle; this could cause frizz, breakage or a dullness to the hair. Adding a plex product to your hair will ensure that you get the colour results you want but also protect your hair from any damage during the process.



Insurance For Your Hair

Bond Builders will change the hair game by relinking the broken disulfide bonds caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage to the hair.

Trim Less

Anyone and everyone can use bond repair products, no matter the hair length, texture, color, or history.

Benefit 2

There isn't one single person that benifit from extra strengthening from within.

Benefit 3

Clients who use bond-repairing products between salon appointments see a significant hair health transformation.

Benefit 4

Broken Protein bonds are repaired and sealed to defend against harmful chemicals & begin to receive more nutrients.

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Bonder's are free from silicones and parabens whilst being beneficial for all types of hair; this means we can push the boundaries of colouring and lightening treatments, without having to increase the volume of the developer we use – this ultimately is the element that can damage your hair. Even hair that has already been damaged can benefit from Bonders, as it actively repairs and improves your hair condition; it’s also worth mentioning real hair extensions can benefit from pH Bonder treatment.